Meet the team

Our team are Fragrance Experts personally trained by Roja Dove.

Roja Dove’s Fragrance Experts have unsurpassed passion and knowledge of fragrance, and they will bring the magical world of scent alive for you.


Haven Tan is our longest serving team member of 15 years and is our Assistant Manager of the Roja Dove Haute Parfumerie. Haven has been with Roja from the very beginning and has seen the business grow and come alive in the current space. Haven is our resident story teller and product lead, continuing to be a beacon of knowledge for customers around the world.

 “My favourite fragrance is Semi Bespoke no 4 because it has a sweet addictive characteristic which comes alive on the skin. It has a playful nature with the drydown, which I feel represents me and my personality!”


Wagner Santos is our Fragrance Specialist and started his journey with fragrance when he moved to London from sunny Brazil and has worked with many leading fragrance houses in Central London.

Wagner has a calm and considered approach when it comes to fragrance and is fascinated with how fragrance makes you feel and how it can transform you.

My favourite fragrance is Essence Rare as I love how this fragrance changes the longer you wear it. This fragrance is like a lightning bolt and always turns heads!”


Andrei Sterber is our Senior Fragrance Specialist and been a part of the wider business for numerous years and is a newer addition to The Roja Dove Haute Parfumerie team. Andrei has a wealth of knowledge, and a natural curious character when it comes to fragrance. He fell in love with perfumery when he completed his training at the Fragrance Foundation many years ago.

My favourite fragrance is Semi Bespoke no. 24 because this fragrance has a deep sensuality and exudes confidence. I am drawn to the fleshy sweetness but also the soft woody accent.”