The Ambrée family is typified by its rich softness and sensuality.

The Ambrée accord is considered to be the most sensual and voluptuous harmony to exist within perfumery and has the softest odour. 

The classical Ambrée structure is based upon vanilla with gum resins, patchouli, sandalwood, heliotrope, coumarin, and orris (iris).

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These perfumes have the ability to inspire a heartfelt connection, illuminated with poetic elegance. Created with know-how, and a certain French touch, Atelier des Ors brings to life a range of modern, alluring and sophisticated fragrances, inspired by the magnificence of Haute Parfumerie and the dream of creating beautiful and sensual scents.

Each fragrance suggests a mysterious, sensual and distinctive olfactory bouquet, allowing the wearer to dream.

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Parfums Caron was founded by Ernest Daltroff in 1904. Its creations appeal to the connoisseur, with its highly original, and distinctive house style. Each of their creations are displayed in beautiful Baccarat crystal fountains which allow the precious perfumes to be decanted into bottles and atomisers especially for the wearer.

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The Chypré family is typified by its’ inherent warmth and dryness (lack of sweetness).

The Chypré accord is considered to be the most tailored, refined, and arguably complex, of the accords.

The classical Chypré structure is based upon oakmoss with bergamot, rose, jasmine, spices, gum resins, vetiver, patchouli and woods - especially cedarwood.

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Collection Aoud

“My Aouds capture the mysterious exoticism of the Middle East. Rich, exotic, and complex fragrances of unparalleled luxury - they allow us to discover a world of secret pleasures coveted by all.” - Roja Dove

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Collection Essence De Parfum

“Essence De Parfum is a new concentration of fragrance structured to be as refreshing as an Eau De Toilette with the lasting quality of an Eau De Parfum. ” - Roja Dove

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Collection Gulf

“The Gulf Collection is a series of scents which are lovingly dedicated to the personality and characteristics of countries across the Gulf nation – a nation with a long tradition of holding perfumery very dear to its heart.” - Roja Dove

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Collection Hair Mists

“Perfumed Hair Mist luxuriously scents the hair and leaves it looking beautiful ” - Roja Dove

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Collection Imperial

“My Imperial creations are regal, rich and divine. Opulent fragrances, sumptuous and refined, created for the true connoisseur. Their inspiration comes from places I have visited that hold special significance for me.” - Roja Dove

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Collection Parfum Cologne

“Parfum-Cologne is a highly original concentration structured to be as enlivening and refreshing as a classic Eau de Cologne, with all the quality and lasting power of an Eau de Parfum.” - Roja Dove

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Collection Parfums De La Nuit

“I created this collection to capture the sultry promise and sensuality of the night. I believe that each of us behave differently when darkness falls – I hope these creations become your accomplice.fdsfsfs” - Roja Dove

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Dali Parfums explore perfume as a piece of art, inspired by a work of art. Each creation is inspired by creations or a facet of the singular and unique universe of one of the greatest artists in the history of modern art, Salvador Dali.

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Essence de Parfum

Essence de Parfum is a new concentration of fragrance created by Roja Dove.

This highly original concentration is structured to be as bright as an Eau de Toilette whilst the base is very sensual and long-lasting, enhancing the refreshing top notes allowing them to display their characteristic freshness on the skin for hours longer than usual.

The structure is similar to an Eau de Parfum by way of its lasting quality, with the top and head notes being worked specifically to enhance the sensation of freshness.

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The Floral family is typified by its inherent sweetness.

The Floral accord is as sweet, soft and gentle as that which might greet you as you enter a florist. One of the most important and famous classical accords in perfumery is the harmony of jasmine, rose, and ylang ylang, often with the addition of orris (iris) and violet.

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The Fougère is considered to be one of freshest and most aromatic to exist within perfumery.


The Fougère family is a style not dissimilar to the Chypré, but is usually far more aromatic. It gave rise to both the Chypré and Oriental styles. It is so closely related to the Chypré that some people refer to it as an extension of that accord, however, its pronounced lavender and geranium facets give it quite a different olfactory feel.


The classical Fougère structure is based upon lavender, oakmoss and coumarin with bergamot, geranium and vetiver.

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Isabey has a rich heritage, with its Art-Deco motives, rare essences, and noble ingredients, mixing luxury and elegance in a contemporary way.Their belief is, ‘that a perfume should not be a concept, but a creation of excellence with its own story to tell.’

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Jean Desprez was born into a perfume dynasty, and apprenticed with some of the most respected perfumers of the time. In 1928 he opened his own perfumery house, and employed artists and sculptors to work on the packaging. In 1962 he launched the legendaryBal à Versailles, which at its launch was the most expensive perfume of all time due to its incredibly complex marriage of some 300 ingredients.

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Jean-Charles Brosseau was France’s premier milliner, havingestablished himself creating hats for Hermès, Grès, and Sonia Rykiel and other accessories for women. Ombre Rose is the greatest creation of this house, a scent which Brosseau fell in love with the moment he smelt it. It had such significance in this self-effacing man’s life and went on to inspire an entire genre of creations.

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Lalique Crystal Limited Editions are born of a ceaseless quest for excellence - the precious Limited Edition flacons require all the know-how of the peerless craftsmen of the cristallerie Lalique. Each numbered and signed flacon is inspired by the works of René Lalique.

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In 1942 Umberto Nobile made his first perfume and so Nobile 1942 was born in Rome. The Nobile family are continually inspired by a curiosity for foreign customs, cultures, and lifestyles combined with the traditions of italian craftsmanship that has made italian style world famous and which is reflected in the creations themselves as well as the distinctive leather boxes which house them.

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Born of an inherent love of perfume, the creations of Parfums d’Elmar tell intimate stories about passion, love, and lust. Dreamlike compositions that sit under an iconoc cap which is adorned with 360 swarovski crystals set by hand, in a bottle covered in leather with either crocodile, snake, or latex finishes, each bearing the Métry family crest. Swiss Perfection - Made in France.


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Jean-François Houbigant founded Houbigant in Paris in 1775.

Houbigant originally sold gloves and bouquets to brides, perfumes and gloves. The original shop sign was a hand painted basket of flowers, which was later to become the inspiration for the company’s hugely successful 1912 release; 'Quelques Fleurs'. Houbigant were also pioneers in the use of synthetics, leading them to create the world’s very first Fougère fragrance with 'Fougère Royale'.

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Founded in 2002 by Claude Marchel, MDCI create original perfumes presented in highly distinctive and stylised bottles, which are at once both classical and innovative.

The masculine presentations have the Emperor Caracalla as their stopper to express power, virility, and gravitas, whereas the feminine presentation is the complete opposite, depicting softness, elegance, refinement, and delicacy. MDCI creations have been created by some of the world's most respected perfumers such as Pierre Bourdon, Bertrand Duchaufour, and Francis Kurkdjian

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